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Hello! My name is Scot and I created Sound Psychiatry and Healthcare to allow mental health to be available to rural Kansas.  I live in Great Bend, Kansas where I work at a community mental health center four days a week allowing me to see patients independently on Mondays by telehealth. Before I moved to Great Bend, I worked in a psychiatric and addictions clinic in Wichita where I would see patients local to Wichita as well as rural Kansas. I also work at a large substance abuse facility in Wichita providing medication management to aid individuals in keeping sober and productive in life.  I treat patients with psychotic disorders, mood disorder, anxiety, PTSD, personality disorders, ADHD, IDDs (Intellectual and Developmental Disabilities), and substance use disorders.  I am a board certified psychiatric and family nurse practitioner and believe treating both physical and emotional health will improve health and wellbeing. 


“Dont give up on me and I wont give up on you.
— Dr. R. B. 


- BS in Physics, Chemistry, and Plastics Engineering, Pittsburg State University 

- Bachelor of Science in Nursing, Wichita State University

- Doctor of Nursing Practice in Family Nursing Practice, Wichita State University 

Psychiatric Mental Health Nurse Practitioner Post Graduate Certificate, Washburn University

About Sound Psychiatry and Healthcare LLC

Sound Psychiatry and Healthcare LLC was developed to reach those in need. Whether you’re an individual who needs psychiatric care in the farthest four corners of Kansas or an individual with a disability that cannot make it to the office. The mission of Sound Psychiatry and Healthcare LLC is to help those in need when location is an issue.

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